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We are delighted to announce our next talk will be Dr Yun Chen, Principal Research Scientist at CSIRO Environment.  Yun’s research has been across the broad spectrum of Geoinformatics, incorporating big data, cutting-edge technology, and computational models for topics such as sustainable development under climate extremes, hazard management, and spatial vulnerability/risk assessment.

In her EEO-AGIS seminar, Yun will be present her recent work mapping and modelling flood inundation characteristics in the Murray-Darling Basin, Australia, using remote sensing and in-situ data. This work reveals spatial and temporal patterns of flood inundation in the basin, greatly improving our understanding of how ecosystems respond to flooding in the region. The seminar will take place at 5pm on Friday 3rd May in our usual location of Room 2.13, The Institute of Geopgraphy, Drummond Street followed by drinks in The Pleasance Bar.

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Dr Yun Chen, Principal Research Scientist, CSIRO Environment: Modelling flood dynamics in the Murray-Darling river basin using flow data and satellite imagery

Flood inundation is crucial to the survival and prosperity of flora and fauna communities in floodplain and wetland ecosystems. This study tried to map flood inundation characteristics in the Murray-Darling Basin, Australia, utilizing hydrological and remotely sensed data. It integrated river flow time series and Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) images to map inundation dynamics over the study area on both temporal and spatial dimensions. Flow data were analyzed to derive flow peaks and Annual Exceedance Probabilities (AEPs) using the annual flood series method. The peaks were linked with MODIS images for inundation detection. Annual maximum inundation maps were generated, which were then overlaid to derive an inundation frequency map. AEPs were also combined with the annual maximum inundation maps to derive an inundation probability map. The resultant maps revealed spatial and temporal patterns of flood inundation in the basin, which will benefit ecological and environmental studies when considering response of floodplain and wetland ecosystems to flood inundation.