AGI Education and Skills Action Working Group

AGI's Education and Skills Working Group contributes to ensuring the relevant skills exist in the UK workforce to underpin a thriving GI sector.  With representation from AGI Wales, AGI Northern Ireland, AGI Scotland, AGI Early Careers Network, Geospatial Commission, Royal Geographical Society and the recruitment sector, the group works to a Terms of Reference describing it's focus as carrying out an annual skills survey of AGI members to identify issues and trends in recruiting, retaining and developing talent and the creation of a catalogue of geospatial skills providers in the UK.

Leading the Action Working Group are Council members Ian Maxfield and Anne Robertson.  Associate Director of Geospatial Services within the NHS, Ian has in a previous career been a secondary school Geography teacher as well as undertaking university lecturing in GIS. Anne, as Head of Services for EDINA, has responsibility for delivering geospatial consultancy and data services to the education sector and beyond.


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At the end of 2022 the AGI Education & Skills Working Group conducted its first skills survey. Targeting members of the AGI, this survey addressed...
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AGI Releases New Report into Skills Requirement in £Billion Geospatial Sector

The Association for Geographic Information (AGI), has released the results of its first survey of skills. Drawing on feedback from its membership...
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